VW GOLF MK6 GTI 2.0 TSI FULL ENGINE REBUILD Golf 6 GTI - Coasta de Est Service

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This is a complete engine cleaning and rebuild:
-camshaft cleaning
-valve cleaning
-piston cleaning
-time chain replacement
-injector cleaning, o-rings renewal
Initial problem was related with low quality and wrong quantity oil in the engine. The reving of the engine was inconsistent and the check engine light was on.
Engine now runs like brand new.
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Problema initiala - fluctuatiile din turatia motorului, mai ales la ralanti si martorul de check engine aprins. Problemele au aparut datorita calitatii uleiului (care nu a fost schimbat la timp) si cantitatii acestuia.
In acest video veti vedea o reparatie a motorului, dar si o curatare completa a acestuia:
- curatare axe cu came
- curatare valve
- curatare pistoane
- inlocuirea lantului de la distributie si a patinelor
- curatare injectoare si inlocuirea oringurilor acestora
La sfarsitul lucrarii, motorul a pornit la prima cheie, si merge perfect.
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Comentarii: 211

  • Regardless of engine issues, I agree with the comment about gloves (though different chemicals demand different types of glove material--not just rubber--check labels). However, it seems that this tech likes having his hands in all sorts of chemicals, breathing dust from when he blows compressed air on things and when he uses a wire brush to clean stuff, and may even like having little wire bristles and debris thrown into his eyes while using the high-speed wire brush or the compressed air. I've worked with too many people who are allergic to these chemicals or have serious skin reactions by just getting near these chemical we use on cars and other projects (from years of not using gloves and other protection) not to take this seriously. It's also no fun to go to the hospital to have metal or other debris removed from your eye. Work safely, folks, and don't forget your ear plugs so you can hear the cool things your grandchildren say. You just might live longer. [And here come the comments about how you have to die of something...]

    Audi VWCarPartsAudi VWCarPartsAcum 7 ani
    • +Audi VWCarParts I agree you only get one pair of eyes protect them at all costs! wouldn't be surprised if he got some form of lung disease or cancer later in life or even in 10-15 years if he does that day in day out with all the sid sprays.

      A E R O BA E R O BAcum 6 ani
  • Fastest engine rebuild ever, four minutes.

    rfn944rfn944Acum 6 ani
  • Good work! I have a question, for this engine you need usage TOOL TIMMING for the chain?

    VictorVictorAcum 7 ani
  • Hello CoastaDeEst, What type of sealant did you use for the valve cover ?

    Nathalie GomezNathalie GomezAcum 4 ani
  • Beware when you do the oil change. If you don't watch the whole process there are high chances they will only replace a small fraction of it like 20%. That is what a service mechanic told to his friend he does, and it works at a respectable dealer. This is 2018. Imagine few years ago, it was even worse. So you either do the oil change 5 times more often than prescribed or go somewhere where you can watch them. If the service is included at the dealer for some years, go make an intermediate somewhere else. An oil change will have a fee of like 30€, which is a waste of time for them ( imagine 20% is VAT and the rest is between the owner of the business and the mechanic, so he gets like 10$ for the job)so you will need to give them a small tip, otherwise they will remember you and next time you may pay the price.

    inox1ckinox1ckAcum 4 ani
  • When you first started the vehicle it sounds like the oil non return valve for cylinder head is faulty. At first start it would appear the chains are noisy. The oil non return valve it’s purpose is to keep oil around the cylinder head. With your engine it looks like all the oil is going to the sump. Which would cause a chain type noise at start up. You should check out his out.

    Bryan BbBryan BbAcum 3 ani
  • Amazing engine but I hate how loud my injectors are! I just rebuilt mine from throwing a rod bearing

    Ethan FordEthan FordAcum 4 ani
  • Hola amigo. Soy de Venezuela tengo un audi a3 2.0 fsi sportback año 2008 quisiera saber como modificarlo para que aumente su potencia??? Que podría modificarle???

    jiviannys zacariasjiviannys zacariasAcum 2 ani
  • this is a direct injected motor. the ticking you hear while the motor is running is the injectors. To all of those who are asking how to keep carbon build up to a minimal, best bet would be to either do a valve cleaning at the dealer every 60k or buy yourself an aftermarket pcv system and give it a good old "italian cleaning" on the highway. In a direct injected motor you do not have the fuel washing the valves like a normal engine so there will be build up regardless.

    Zoltan R. NyergesZoltan R. NyergesAcum 7 ani
    • @Zoltan R. Nyerges that is not helping the inlet part, the built up carbon never leaves there

      Bas bzbBas bzbAcum 7 ani
    • Those are good techniques but there's a better one. Highway driving. My friend owns a 2009 Passat 2.0t. He does 100 miles a day just highway driving. His car now has 190,000miles and he pulled the intake manifold off and there was NO carbon deposits on the intake valves. I have a 2014 Tiguan now with 40k miles. I asked for a bore scope inspection of the intake valves by a private mechanic and there was NO carbon deposits. I do about 70 miles a day of pure highway driving. Both cars are on Volkswagens regular maintenance schedule(oil changes every 10k) and the passat has only been run on regular where my tiguan is in premium. The reason? Simple. Highway driving makes the car burn more fuel. This makes the engine more hot than normal which burns the carbon off. If you do small city trips, the temp gauge may say the car is warmed up, but it's not. You gotta treat these 2.0ts like diesels. They need a highway run every now and then.

      Brandon FriesenBrandon FriesenAcum 7 ani
  • Hi i have a 2009 gti and i have an oil leak and it looks like its coming from the cover on the left. I believe its a timing chain cover. my question is does this cover leak oil, or is the oil coming off the valve cover ?

    Gomez JaimeGomez JaimeAcum 6 ani
  • What size bolts did you use to mount engine on stand?

    christian pereirachristian pereiraAcum 4 ani
  • Very nice! Looks like a lot of work..

    Tony AtinTony AtinAcum 5 ani
    • Tony Atin Thanks!

      CoastaDeEstCoastaDeEstAcum 5 ani
  • What about oil consumption, have you check this, the pistons rings, the oil separator and so on ?

    Florentin BacnaşuFlorentin BacnaşuAcum 7 ani
  • Tipa la gunoi,anii 90 motoare care inca functioneaza in conditii grele pe santiere,anii 2010 ,5 ani si dau rateu,lasam electricul sa_si faca treaba.Bravo baieti pt efortul depus

    Ric RicRic RicAcum an
  • curioux to know what happened to this engine to get this dirty

    dokterkareldokterkarelAcum an
  • Wow, acum 7 ani😳💪🏻

    SteLexSteLexAcum an
    • Imposibil 🤣🤣

      Iustin SWB 🛠️Iustin SWB 🛠️Acum an
  • How much time did this take overall??

    Heather ManukinHeather ManukinAcum 7 ani
  • Using a dremel to repurpose the oil pan and lower timing cover is a recipe for future leaks

    Michael DittmerMichael DittmerAcum an
  • Hi, good afternoon, I just bought a new CCTA engine for my Passat CC, with 0 Miles, my mechanic says that the engine has issues because he tried to turn the engine using a wrench, it only turned 1/4 turn before stopping. Something inside is preventing the engine from turning. Is it possible that engine has to be mounted and connected to do a complete turn? Or really i bought a defective engine? Thank you!

    José Daniel Ramírez del AngelJosé Daniel Ramírez del AngelAcum 5 ani
  • Clearly VW needs to talk to Toyota about how to design an indestructible engine, would save them a lot on recalls/warrenty work Etc.

    MechRider89MechRider89Acum 6 ani
  • What can be done to minimize carbon built up on valves ?

    Ernie MedinaErnie MedinaAcum 8 ani
    • misiek vuychik, got it, have 50k on my Ea888 gen 3 engine and so far looking good.

      Ernie MedinaErnie MedinaAcum 5 ani
    • Ernesto Medina this engine has weak narrow oil rings on pistons. Need new wider rings- rolling, regrooving wider grove on pistons or new aftermarket pistons with rings

      misiek vuychikmisiek vuychikAcum 5 ani
  • GREAT job !!!

    drosoulitis37drosoulitis37Acum 4 ani
  • What can be done to minimize carbon built up on valves ?

    Ernie MedinaErnie MedinaAcum 8 ani
    • Just, from time to time, step on the gas as hard as you can, son.

      Roman RuizRoman RuizAcum 5 ani
    • @Brandon Friesen

      bong galangbong galangAcum 8 ani
    • drive it lots of highway. My friend has a 2006 Passat with 270,000kms on it and he got the intake system checked out and there is absolutely no carbon buildup on the valves. Why? because he does 30 minute highway commutes to work and 30 minutes back. Do not idle the engines to warm up, even in extreme cold temps, get in and go. I have a 2014 Tiguan with 26,000 kms on it and thats high mileage for such a new vehicle but I know I won't have carbon build up issues because my commute is all high speed driving for a prolonged amount of time. High speed driving=more heat in the combustion chamber which burns off carbon.

      Brandon FriesenBrandon FriesenAcum 8 ani
  • Pistoanele aveau joc in cilindrii, erau segmentii uzati :)? Big Lile pt cea ce faceti ;) !

    Lucian LaurentiuLucian LaurentiuAcum 2 ani
  • The person that posted this saying it is a complete engine rebuild is clueless!

    Neal MNeal MAcum 6 ani
    • Aww poor poor Neal were you expecting a complete teardown hmm. I wonder if you knew how to tear down an engine why'd you be on ROburn of all places. Yes I agree this is not a teardown actually its what I consider freshening the motor suffering from carbon deposits, something you could do over the weekend with a good set of tools and car knowledge. That said, why bash a video of which could actually help someone on a budget because they did not take the engine completely apart, inspect crankshaft measurement, cylinder measurement, oil clearance, new rings, new bearings, replace valve seals, valve angle job, blah blah blah. I'd rather watch a video with a job done properly that's absurdly mistitled, then the endless videos that are simply wrong from beginning to end with 3 million-plus views. All these couch mechanics bitchin about a Title, did he do something technically wrong in this vid, in the interest of learning from our mistakes please post your vid so we can continue to become better...

      🧡.*Rosa_San*.🧡🧡.*Rosa_San*.🧡Acum 2 ani
  • Do you know where to find a code number on this engine?

    Jiří ČapekJiří ČapekAcum 4 ani
  • Nice work, what the milage it have ?

    DieSeL PoWeRDieSeL PoWeRAcum 8 ani
  • what is the torque spec for the valve cover on this engine and are the bolts stretch bolts that need replaced?

    Caleb GreenCaleb GreenAcum 5 ani
  • Hang on. You stripped the whole engine just to do a port clean? Lol What exactly did you fix? Was a valve not seating? Also water meth Injection keeps valves spotless.

    supsuprasupsupraAcum 7 ani
    • a baffled catch can should help pervent carbon build up....alittle confused at the tear down since the bottom end was fine with very slight layer. we never have issues with bottom end

      em1ownerifyem1ownerifyAcum 5 ani
  • hola cual es el orden de encendido de este motor estoy armando uno y me guie por las marcas y no arranca

    Ruben M Cordero RuelasRuben M Cordero RuelasAcum 7 ani
  • hastayım şöyle motor toplamalara Türkiye'de neden yok? çok seviyorum böyle izlemeyi toplamayı kafayı yiyorum izledikçe var mı? Türkiye'de böyle ben mi bilmiyorum ya

    Tamer KaracaTamer KaracaAcum 7 ani
    • bende bayadır izlerim yok böyle bir şey.

      A Man From 80sA Man From 80sAcum 7 ani
    • maalesef yok :(

      2012daffyduck2012daffyduckAcum 7 ani
  • They use oil, oil wants changed at least half the VAG service intervals, I do mine every 5000miles the level should constantly be half way on the stick/display never above because crank splash makes more vapour, and run the highest octane you can buy.

    MrGuvEuromanMrGuvEuromanAcum 6 ani
    • These engines burn oil like crazy, no need to do no oil changes earlier than specified since you should be constantly topping it. Also, 65k miles running at full oil level and still running like a champ, so no need to have your level below the top as stated.

      Roman RuizRoman RuizAcum 5 ani
    • +MrGuvEuroman Is that bad if it makes more vapour?

      MicroMacroUniverseMicroMacroUniverseAcum 6 ani
    • +MrGuvEuroman Best way to solve it is just delete the damn EGR system completely along with not babying it 24/7 and like you said proper maintenance its a huge factor + quality fuel.

      MechRider89MechRider89Acum 6 ani
  • Sunt curios cat a costat toată operatiunea

    Roby GadeaRoby GadeaAcum 2 ani
  • good jobb , but still works like diesel ; )

    Adam 228Adam 228Acum 5 ani
  • Hi I'm trying to replace the valve cover on a 09 gti with a tsi 2.0 engine and the timing chain cover. you have the only video i could find with someone working on a the same engine as mine. i can't find any book that has the torque specs. also very important when i removed the valve cover i see that the both cams got elevated from the right side (where the battery is on the right ) and i wonder if this is normal when you remove the valve cover for the cams to get elevated and if i did something wrong. thank you

    Nikos KaldarasNikos KaldarasAcum 6 ani
    • Call a VW-repair shop, they sometimes help.

      Daniel Fl.Daniel Fl.Acum 6 ani
  • Very common problem with vw users. Wrong oil, a lot of problems.

    BHIBHIAcum 7 ani
    • +upbeatmantis86 Wrong specs oil. I don't know why vw decided to be too sensitive with the oil specs. They make common cars, not super cars...

      BHIBHIAcum 6 ani
    • +lolus pololus low on oil usually will spun the bearing.. yep, most likely major engine rebuild

      upbeatmantis86upbeatmantis86Acum 6 ani
    • +upbeatmantis86 low on oil

      lolus pololuslolus pololusAcum 6 ani
    • +BHI wrong oil? u mean the viscosity or type of oil or quantity of oil?

      upbeatmantis86upbeatmantis86Acum 6 ani
  • all the engine really need was the valves cleaned

    SalzGTISalzGTIAcum 2 ani
  • hie I'm working on a VW polo 1.4l 16v/v 2000 model .I'm looking for torque settings for tthe mains & big ends. If any one can help it will be greatly appreciated.

    crispen majoracrispen majoraAcum 6 ani
  • Look's like that engine function with vaseline instead of oil =))))))

    Septimiu RazvySeptimiu RazvyAcum 6 ani
  • Hi, two months ago i bought a golf mk6 2010, promised a good runner and engine. A week ago it would not start, so i changed the battery, it started after a few tries, and unusually i had to give it some throttle to make it go. Now it has no compression in the engine at all. It couldn't move without stalling. VW garage are suggesting i pay £200 for them to take the piston head off and look inside, but they reckon i need a complete new engine. The car has full service history - they have not mentioned if the timing belt is ok yet, i will ask. If you have advice on what this could be, it would be greatly appreciated. This is my first car and I have been very unlucky. Many thanks.

    moyesey123moyesey123Acum 7 ani
    • Don't you guys have 6 months warranty when buying a used car from a dealership?

      Daniel Fl.Daniel Fl.Acum 6 ani
    • Hi Mark, thanks for your response.I am from UK but living in Dubai - engines don't seem to last long over here as i am discovering the hard way! I took it to another garage and they said the timing chain tensioner had failed (after googling there is quite a record of these failing). The cog coupled to the camshaft had jumped only three teeth so they said that wasn't enough to damage the engine. I managed to get the report from VW giving details of the dodgey tensioner, and the revised version - can share if needed. Thanks again Mark.

      moyesey123moyesey123Acum 7 ani
    • @moyesey123 could be so many things mate i would start by hooking it up to a vag terminal, if its down on power fault codes will be stored, are you based in uk

      mdrmdrAcum 7 ani
  • Kilometers before rebuild? I have 1.8 TSI no issues so far but few kilometers 60K.

    Nerven1986Nerven1986Acum 6 ani
    • Have 1.4 TSI (140) with 63k and from 2006. No problems either.

      Daniel Fl.Daniel Fl.Acum 6 ani
  • This GTi has 25k or 250k miles?... looks like for the bad engine has 250k...

    hemidesignhemidesignAcum 7 ani
  • Magnifique voiture .houlaaaaaaaza

    Fontaine CarineFontaine CarineAcum 4 ani
  • They clean up the engine for Carbon build, new timing components and that's it!!, this is not a rebuild job, rebuild job is when you take the engine complete apart, inspect crankshaft measurement, cylinder measurement, oil clearance, new rings, new bearings, replace valve seals, valve angle job, resurface head, wrong title for the video. Also the engine sounds like Diesel when they start up.

    Bsoundpro Sound ReinforcementBsoundpro Sound ReinforcementAcum 6 ani
    • This is normal sound of healthy TSI engine. However, this is not full rebuilt, only cleaning and major service. I think that could be done without disassembling engine.

      Fedja DrndarskiFedja DrndarskiAcum 4 ani
    • PeterX1976 that's what they claim until there like we meant to say timing chain and tensioner...we need 10,000 for a new motor

      Educational Guidance & ExcellenceEducational Guidance & ExcellenceAcum 4 ani
    • High pressure fuel pump

      PeterX1976PeterX1976Acum 4 ani
    • Agree with everything you mentioned except for the engine sound, which is perfectly normal for such TSI/TFSI engines.

      Roman RuizRoman RuizAcum 5 ani
    • Its the injectors that make that noise lol

      Mike SMike SAcum 6 ani
  • What was the problem? Oil changes every 50k mi

    FockYouMangFockYouMangAcum 6 ani
  • You forgot to install a catch can.

    Messy JesseMessy JesseAcum 2 ani
  • Never bored cylinders? What you did, simple engine cleaner in a bottle would do.

    Scott SheppardScott SheppardAcum 5 ani
  • Hi i am rebuilding my forklift engine which is a VW Evo C.P.Y.E ENGINE I can't find the main and big end torques anywhere can you please help thanks Rob.

    Rob DuncanRob DuncanAcum 4 ani
  • Ce bine toarce, parca-i TDI

    Mihai DumitrescuMihai DumitrescuAcum an
  • is this a small 2.0 or am I trippin..

    Drew BacaDrew BacaAcum 5 ani
  • donc si j'ai bien compris on lave un vieux moteur et il devient neuf. je connaisse pas cette technique

    gil michelettigil michelettiAcum 7 ani
  • Gosh my car has that bad sound in the beginning once those revs start to die down, is that timing or??

    Rami ARami AAcum 6 ani
    • +Meat Amigo Yeah that problem occured about 2 months ago on my MK6. found out it was the timing chain and the turbo started to go bad:/ ended up selling it. Carbon build up was one of the problems though. Getting a walnut blast (or carbon cleanse) will ensure a longer life for the car. Keeping up maintenance was killer but it was for the better sake of the car!

      Rami ARami AAcum 6 ani
    • Probably carbon buildup on the intake valves. #DIPROBLEMS

      Meat AmigoMeat AmigoAcum 6 ani
  • It is a repair partial, me has that place(square) I would have put deposited pistons and cleaned segment and verified the landings of vilbrequin.

    yanis markyanis markAcum 5 ani
  • Umbla o vorba in popor, TSI-ul nu-i motor ☺️.

    FlowDownUnderFlowDownUnderAcum 2 ani
  • what was the check engine fault code?

    lanti9lanti9Acum 6 ani
    • Thanks bhai

      Mohd ImranMohd ImranAcum 4 ani
  • the chain doesnt sound good at all..

    Rahman UnalRahman UnalAcum 7 ani
  • i think he used a bit too much gasket seal for the sump...

    mrasidhumrasidhuAcum 7 ani
  • what is the best oil for this engine

    frits duwelfrits duwelAcum 6 ani
    • i use 5w 40 castrol edge full synthetic on my b6 passat with the 2.0 tfsi engine

      YurieYurieAcum 5 ani
  • 3:18 no need for safety glasses!

    A 9nmA 9nmAcum 7 ani
    • LOOOOL !

      AurélieAurélieAcum 7 ani
  • can i ask u why u did a little grinding at 3:16

    fuzz378fuzz378Acum 5 ani
  • fucking bravo :)

    mdrmdrAcum 7 ani
  • thanks for the info

    frits duwelfrits duwelAcum 6 ani
  • The new romanian rebuild is an engine cleaning? You don't have to take the head off to clean the carbon, take the intake manifold, fuel and have access to intake valves and manifold flaps. Good idea to do the timing chain while it's out and apart I guess... hopefully it got a new tensioner and plastic guides too. I also hope the injectors got new seals including the Teflon seals . That's all, bafta la munca! ;)

    The Audi GuyThe Audi GuyAcum 5 ani
  • As a professional auto technician I have several problems with this video and give it a thumbs down. The two biggest problems. 1. It is NOT a full engine rebuild. The proper term is a "valve job". Since the pistons did not come out "valve job" is the proper term. 2. Using a wire wheel WITHOUT SAFTY GLASSES IS STUPID.

    Dan LeitnerDan LeitnerAcum 2 ani
  • All that work and no gloves were used when cleaning and assembling the motor back. Seriously?

    Eric XiongEric XiongAcum 7 ani
    • +Mark Blake Jr. Lol i hope that day is far from here...anyway, each one thinks in his own way :)

      MicroMacroUniverseMicroMacroUniverseAcum 6 ani
    • +Mark Blake Jr. Exactly. I don't know my genetics, so i believe it's still better to take care. (if i am prone to a disease, and don't know that, don't you think it's better to use the brain?)

      MicroMacroUniverseMicroMacroUniverseAcum 6 ani
    • @MicroMacroUniverse​​​ including my great grandfather that died at 99 as a Diesel mechanic as well drank, smoked and chewed. I think it's more genetics

      Blake MBlake MAcum 6 ani
    • +Mark Blake Jr. Yes, and my grandfather smoked for 70 years and he's still alive. Doesn't mean he has good health, however.

      MicroMacroUniverseMicroMacroUniverseAcum 6 ani
    • +vwbora26 my dad is 66 and has had oil on his hands since he was 12 includes everything mechanical. he still alive to tell you about it. gloves are for sissies and people that want to look professional

      Blake MBlake MAcum 6 ani
  • Frumos

    Stefanescu AndreiStefanescu AndreiAcum an
  • 开不坏的TOYOTA,修不好的vw

    Shuang ShuangShuang ShuangAcum 4 ani
  • roburn.info/done/bpBvd66xx6KUmq8/video.html Eu am plâns aseară în timp ce ma uitam :))

    Alex DragomirescuAlex DragomirescuAcum 2 ani
  • bravo

    Chi HouChi HouAcum 7 ani
  • necesito un motor para golf vw huevo 1.5 o 1.6 lugar ... precio ...

    Ignacio EscobarIgnacio EscobarAcum 4 ani
  • 👍

    Petru. DrozdPetru. DrozdAcum 8 luni
  • Can you do mine? How much

    Joe JohnJoe JohnAcum 6 ani
  • Why the speed thou,a man cant learn nothing from this video

    Niko AbednegoNiko AbednegoAcum 2 ani
  • the chaine is damged!

    manu panumanu panuAcum 7 ani
  • Why it’s sounding like a diesel ???

    Mohamed Amine SAMIMohamed Amine SAMIAcum 2 ani
  • Ce tanar era nea' Ion atunci

    Radu CirsteaRadu CirsteaAcum an
  • You should wear rubber gloves when you work with those chemicals.

    Oleg GOleg GAcum 7 ani
    • Lol

      Blake MBlake MAcum 6 ani
    • @Daniel San of something that is probably as likely as being struck by lightning, it probably only causes cancer in kommiefornia n e way

      Blake MBlake MAcum 6 ani
    • @M Blake Jr It's up to you. You do have the opportunity to protect yourself. Use it.

      Daniel Fl.Daniel Fl.Acum 6 ani
    • @Daniel San because I'm not scared to die today or tomorrow, I'm gonna die anyway. I have slot more to worry about than oil on my hands, more likely to cut myself and die of an infection

      Blake MBlake MAcum 6 ani
    • @M Blake Jr Okay congratulations on your family legacy. But why are you willing to live like they did? You do realize that you live in the 21st century with many possibilities of protecting yourself. I find it stupid not to do this and risk your own health.

      Daniel Fl.Daniel Fl.Acum 6 ani
  • Whyvwas the engine management light still on?

  • how many Km?

    Possy1412Possy1412Acum 6 ani
  • Is he wearing a fire suit?

    Steve PolhillSteve PolhillAcum 4 ani